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ProSolution Plus
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Adam Smith M.D.
Detailed review of Climinax

American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction American Board of Urology

What is Climinax Ultra?




The maker of Climinax claims that it is a product that ensures:


  1. 5 times longer sexual performance;
  2. Higher stamina;
  3. Better erections;
  4. Increased ejaculation control.


And Climinax results are proven by the clinical study of Dr. Marcel Waldinger with 24 participating men, ejaculating 5.7 times longer.


Climinax in Action


We have tested and reviewed this product in details. The essential ingredient of the supplement is Griffonia Seed Extract. It works to increase 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) in the body, producing serotonin and increasing mood. Climinax helps men relax, reduce stress and anxiety, addressing premature ejaculation, and improving male sexual drive.



You are recommended taking one pill daily and two pills one hour before sex to increase your stamina. You should take Climinax for at least 3 months. Though some men may notice better results earlier, it is a period of time that can ensure the highest effect. Some men report that they last 3 to 6 times longer. But the results vary as our bodies are different.


You should follow the instructions, and the increased dosage will not speed up your results. As Climinax is all-natural, it causes no side-effects. But you are recommended consulting your healthcare provider if you take any other medications or have any medical conditions.


Climinax Formula


Each pill contains a blend of natural herbals, minerals, and vitamins that improve your sexual function.


  1. Griffonia Simplicifolia is a plant found in West Africa. It is believed to be high in 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), producing serotonin, the so-called happiness hormone. A neurotransmitter improves mood, relaxes your body, and treats premature ejaculation.
  2. Blue Passion Flower is a plant native to Central America. It is often used to relax your body and relieve stress and anxiety. It has calming and muscle spasm alleviating effects. The herb has been approved by the FDA as a sleep and sedative aid.
  3. L-Arginine. This amino acid is known for its ability to increase nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide stimulates blood vessels to open widely, resulting in higher and more intense blood flow to the genitalia. This helps make your erections larger and firmer. L-Arginine is used to treat heart and blood vessel conditions and normalize high blood pressure.
  4. Folic Acid (or Folate) is a water-soluble vitamin B used for proper development of the body. It helps improve overall health for both men and women. It promotes the growth and development of new cells and maintains them healthy.


1 month

2 months


Decreased oversensitivity



Last 2 times longer, decreased anxiety


3 months

6 months


More staying power and sexual stamina



Last 6 times longer



Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine, Chrysin, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Dioxide, Silicone, and water are other ingredients in the formula that make it more potent and effective.


Ordering Climinax is easy and simple – visit the official website and choose what you want. The company offers discounts and bonus gifts (Liquid RX, condoms, lube samples, and online exercises) for larger supplies. The orders are shipped almost worldwide, and it takes 2 to 7 days to receive them.


The maker is so confident in its supplement that offers a 67-day money-back guarantee. It is enough for you to test Climinax and return it back if no results are achieved. You can be sure Climinax work as claimed; it's top-rated, it's reviewed on hundreds of forums, in social media. If you're looking for the best premature ejaculation product, you can choose this one and enjoy your lovemaking without premature ejaculation.

$ 64.95 - 2 bottle
$ 119.95 - 4 bottles
$ 154.95 - 6 bottles
Can be shipped to Ukraine


38 64%


8 14%


12 20%
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After taking Climinax, I can honestly say that finally I’m happy. Now I can last much longer that was a long ago. My wife is also happy. Thanks Climinax


My girlfriend advised me to try Climinax. And now she is happy like never before. She can not get enough of my improved stamina. And so do I


I can last longer now with Climinax


After taking these pills premture ejaculation isn't a problem for me


Finally I got rid of my problem with premature ejaculation, thanks to Climinax


Usually I used to last 4-5 minutes but after taking Climinax I have extended this time to 15-20 minutes. And thought you might say that 5 minutes isn't a premature ejaculation, I am happy with the results!


I'm 100% satisfied customer and I just want to inform other men, that are suffering from premature ejaculation, that Climinax is working. It helps to hold ejaculation longer, that's all I need. 3 times longer if you use it for more than 4 months like I did. I think it's all about our nervous system. I'm relaxed when I'm erected now, that's the most important. My self confidence is responsible for my orgasm. Climinax helps me to think I will stay longer )

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